Our highly trained staff is also just as unique as our training environment. Our
clients are assigned to their own dedicated personal trainer who accompanies
them at every scheduled workout providing motivation, presenting an organized
fitness plan and teaching creative exercises in order to move you closer to your
goals. Because our clients work with the same professional each session, we are
able to provide a unique opportunity to build a relationship and accountability with
the trainer.

Unlike a typical health club experience, we offer a one-on-one training plan
that is distinctively different. First, every training session requires a scheduled
appointment, so the private facility is never crowded. The atmosphere is also
designed so that our clients feel comfortable and relaxed rather than large gyms
where people feel that everyone is watching them.

Our top-notch staff of certified personal trainers has experience in all areas
of fitness and sport. Several NCAA colleges and high schools have used TFC
training protocols. In addition to existing college degrees in exercise related
fields, each trainer makes continuing education a priority. All TFC trainers become
certified by the National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA) and/or the
American Council On Exercise (A.C.E.). TFC is proud to be recognized by the
National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as the American Council
on Exercise. TFC clients range from the professional athlete to stay-at-home
moms, executives, senior citizens, high school students and college students.