Fitness was my first passion. I was a high school and competitive cheerleader at ACE Allstars. My passion for coaching came at the young age of 16. I coached allstar cheerleading as well as gymnastics up until I attended Samford University. While in school I began competing in physique competitions until ultimately receiving my IFBB Fitness Pro card at age 24.  I am now preparing to compete in the professional league this summer. In between activities I have played in a range of sports, and tried almost all forms of exercise.  My approach to fitness is diverse, fun, and effective.  Whether someone is wanting to change their lifestyle, or further themselves in their sport, I take a very specialized and hands-on approach to each of my client’s needs. My main goal as a personal trainer is to make every session as enjoyable and personalized as possible so not only is it habit forming but life-altering to better the health of my clients.