Trainer/Mountain Brook

Courtney Willis is a native from Mobile, Alabama, and is a certified NASM CPT. Courtney has two Bachelor’s degrees (Political Science & Psychology) and one Masters degree (Public Administration) from Auburn University. Courtney’s overall passion stems towards helping others discover their true potential through health and wellness. Her style of training encompases strength training and plyometrics. She works to establish a firm ground base for her clients and build on balance, strength, and power each session through progressive overload and timed intervals. Her overall goal is to teach her clients physical fitness fundamentals to boost their confidence in the gym and daily life.She has working knowledge in nutrition, psychology, resistance training, speed and agility, core stability, and cardio kickboxing. Health and fitness have always stood at the forefront of her life, dating back to years of competitive soccer to now as a national level and overall champion NPC Bikini bodybuilder. Outside of TFC, she enjoys hiking, content creation and spending time with her loved ones.