• Graduated from Troy University 2004
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine
  • Owner Divine Design Fitness for 10 years
  • Fitness Coordinator and Team Leader of Southeast Alabama Medical Center 5 years
  • Fitness Director of Body Design Personal Training for 3 years
  • Fitness Coordinator for Northview Christian Church for 10 years
  • Certified (ACSM) American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Red Cross certified CPR
  • Devoted father to Makayla, Cahleb and Tahlib and husband to Chasiti Gray

I was born and raised in Selma, Alabama to a blue collar worker and house wife. My father trained me young to be fit and athletic. Besides being the only son out five sisters my dad happily got me involved with the local city YMCA to get involved with all they had to offer. Being their I played skilled basketball, football and track and field. Their I learned to discipline myself to improve my skills in all sports. Which required rigors strength and endurance training along with speed and agility. This type training prepared me to perform above my competitors. It gave me a competitive edge, which gave me exposure to perform on elite levels based on my physical ability and IQ of each sport.

Fast forwarding into my life today as a personal trainer, life coach and post athlete. I cannot go a day without thinking of that moment with my dad, giving me an opportunity to BE something. Unknowingly I would BECOME a professional fitness and life coach. Being placed into a chose driven environment of improvement changed my entire life. From being a potential follower of negative influences in my community, he introduced me to a positive environment, where people encouraged and motivated kids to reach their maximum potential in the classroom and on the field.

Today I AM Mr. Fitness in my home. I have a beautiful family that believes in me and love me dearly. Married 16 years to my beautiful wife Chasiti and our three wonderful kids MaKayla 15, Cahleb 15, and Tahlib 22. They are truly my heart beat and my reason to fight to BECOME my best man! My wife and I have endured and persevered through many life challenges. This also forges me forward to turn my life resistance into an opportunity to become what I see for myself and family. Also to inspire and motivate others to become best.